Gurmant Grewal Announces Bid for BC Liberal Leadership

Former MP seeks to return party to its grassroots

Surrey, BC – Former 3-term Member of Parliament Gurmant Grewal today announced his intention to seek the leadership of the British Columbia Liberal Party. He has been active in community and business pursuits since his retirement from the federal politics.

“I have a proven track record as a solutions-based politician who listens to the people, understands their concerns, and has the courage to speak up and make their voices heard,” declared Grewal. “I’m honest, hardworking, and accessible. I’ll provide leadership with an innovative vision and I believe in building for the future, not just letting it happen.”

“Under my leadership, the BC Liberal Party will become a grassroots party,” said Grewal. “Decisions will not come down from 30,000 feet above, but rather result from direct consultation with the people. We will be humble and listen to the people, and care for their welfare. Our party will go in the hearts of British Columbians to win their confidence and trust. As a grassroots party, we will be more accountable, open, and transparent. We will strengthen a true team spirit in the caucus, providing every member of caucus the opportunity to contribute his or her full potential. That is my commitment to the party,” promised Grewal.

“My goals as leader and future premier will include industrial expansion: the further processing of our natural resources within the province before exporting overseas. I will seek to promote inter-provincial trade so that we can have true free trade within Canada’s borders and streamline and harmonize the regulatory regimes with our trading partners. I will also seek to invest in infrastructure, lower taxes and reduce regulatory burden to make BC an attractive place to invest.”

“As an immigrant myself, I know first-hand the positive impact immigration can have on the economy of our province. British Columbia has an important role to play to ensure the immigration process benefits both our province and immigrants. We also need to encourage new immigrants, entrepreneurs, and investors to also settle in the interior of the province and create sustainable jobs. The human capital immigrants provide is essential to the growth of BC’s gross domestic product and ensures the continuing prosperity of our province.”

“As a party and government, we also need to do more to tackle organized crime and the drug and gang violence that attends it. We must do this not only for the innocent victims and property owners but also to save the many young lives that have been foolishly thrown away. These will be just a few of my priorities as the next leader of the BC Liberal Party,” concluded Grewal.


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