Gurmant GrewalMEMBER OF PARLIAMENT (1997-2006)
Gurmant Grewal is an experienced politician, educator, and businessman. Currently, he is writing books and is a Consultant.

Gurmant Grewal was born and educated in India. After his MBA, he worked in the management with reputed companies in India and then migrated to Liberia where he was a partner in a family business that started small but quickly grew up and diversified. He taught as an Asst. Professor of Business Management at the University of Liberia. After the bloody civil war, the Grewal family migrated to the UK and Canada. He and his family got involved into the community and integrated quickly in Canada. In less than six years, he was elected as Member of Parliament on June 2nd, 1997 to represent the riding of Surrey Central for the Reform Party of Canada and re-elected in 2000 for Canadian Alliance and in 2004 re-elected for Newton-North Delta for Conservative Party of Canada until 2006. Gurmant envisioned and helped the founding of New Westminster College for studies in diplomacy and leadership.