Memberships Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet Roles and Parliamentary Memberships
  • Deputy House Leader of the Official Opposition of Canada
  • Official Opposition Chief Critic for Foreign Affairs 
  • Official Opposition Chief Critic for Multiculturalism
  • Official Opposition Chief Critic for Scrutiny of Regulations
  • Official Opposition Chief Critic for Canadian International Development
  • Official Opposition Foreign Affairs Critic for Canadians Abroad
  • Official Opposition Foreign Affairs Critic for Asia Pacific
  • Official Opposition Deputy Critic on the Environment 
  • Official Opposition Deputy Health Critic 
  • Co-Chair, Scrutiny of Regulations, Standing Joint Committee of the House & Senate (7 terms)
  • Member, Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet Priority & Planning Committee to govern the caucus
  • Member, Liaison Committee of the House of Commons (7 terms)
  • Member, Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs 
  • Member, Standing Committee on Public Accounts 
  • Member, Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade 
  • Member, Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development 
  • Member, Standing Committee on Health 
  • Member, Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage 
  • Member, Standing Committee on Transport 
  • Member, Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration
  • Chairman, Sub-Committee on Agenda and Procedure of the Standing Committee on Scrutiny of Regulations
  • Member, Sub-Committee on Organized Crime of the Standing Committee of Justice and Human Rights
  • Member, Sub-Committee on Committees Budgets of the Liaison Committee
  • Chairman and Co-Founder, Canada-India Parliamentary Friendship Group
  • Chairman and Co-Founder, Canada-Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group
  • Vice President, Commonwealth Parliamentary Group
  • Vice Chair & Executive Committee Member, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA)
  • Vice Chair, Canada-ASEAN Parliamentary Friendship Group
  • Executive Committee Member, Friendship Group of Parliamentarians for UNESCO
  • Executive Committee Member, Inter-Parliamentary Forum of the Americas (FIPA)
  • Member of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)
  • Member, Parliamentary Confederation of the Americas (COPA)
  • Member, Canada-Europe Parliamentary Association
  • Member, Canada-United States Inter-Parliamentary Group
  • Member, Canada-Taiwan Parliamentary Friendship Group
Contributions Special Political Achievements / Accomplishments / Contributions
  1. As a solution-oriented politician, initiated numerous issues to the floor of the House, including Recognition of foreign credentials, Whistleblowers protection, Elimination of discriminatory head tax on immigrants, Illegality of taxes on taxes, Suppression of financing for terrorism, Air India inquiry, Redress of Komagata Maru tragedy (later, two Prime Ministers offered apology), Equality of all Canadians (elimination of hyphenation), Labelling genetically modified foods (M-204), Unreasonable bank fees, Visitor visa reform, suppression of financing for terrorism (M-416), OAS discrimination, Regulatory reforms, Religious freedom, Combating organised crime, Corruption in Canadian embassies, Emergency preparedness, Building South Perimeter Road in BC (Hwy # 15) among many others.
  2. As Deputy House Leader, among many other tasks, got implemented changes to improve the process of Private Members Business.
  3. As Chair of the Joint Committee, reformed and resolved the backlog of many lingering files (25 years old) of statutory instruments and disallowed a record number of faulty regulations.
  4. As an opposition critic, brought the Government’s incompetence to the forefront with alternative visionary solutions that forced the govt to include many of the initiatives in their agenda including the throne speeches.
  5. Introduced 50 Bills and Motions, of which six passed in the House and one received the Royal Ascent (rare event). According to the National Post editorial, Bill C-205 was a significant initiative in regulatory reforms. It closed a black hole in the regulation-making process and restored parliamentary scrutiny.
  6. Awaked the Reform Party of Canada to the needs and contributions of the ethnic minorities. Was entrusted by the Leader for ethnic outreach across Canada and helped to improve its policies, image, and acceptance in visible minority and cultural communities.
  7. One of the four MPs who played a key initial role in bringing together the Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative caucuses that led to the process of merging, to create Conservative Party of Canada; that governed the country for nine years.
  8. Member of the team of four MPs from the Canadian Alliance who initiated rapprochement with the Progressive Conservatives to pave the way for the merging to form the Conservative Party of Canada, as a result, the united Conservative party could form the government of Canada. One of the founding members of the Canadian Alliance Party.
  9. Opposed the Liberal government’s discriminatory head tax on immigrants by tabling a motion in the House of Commons in 1999 calling for it’s elimination. As a result, the Liberal govt eventually eliminated the ‘head tax’ on refugees, and the new Conservative govt later cut the application fee into half for all newcomers to Canada.
  10. Introduced a motion in the House of Commons in 1997, and that was debated in March 2001, seeking to standardize post-secondary education in Canada and to use that standard to expedite the recognition of international credentials. The Liberal were prompted and the new Conservative government actually took the action.
  11. Uncovered visa scams in Canadian foreign missions many times, resulting in RCMP investigations and the dismissal of corrupt employees in both the New Delhi and Islamabad Canadian High Commissions.
  12. Introduced Private Members Bill C-283 on Visitor Visa reform that passed a vote in the House of Commons in February 2005 and proceeded to Committee hearings before the Liberal majority let it die on the Order Paper with the call of the 2006 election.
  13. Introduced and debated a motion in October 1997 calling for the elimination of the hyphenation of Canadians and for amendments to multicultural policy to enhance and promote the integration, and not segregation, of immigrants. It caused awareness to end creating different tiers of Canadians and initiated the govt policy to end racial profiling, eliminate racism and promote multiculturalism.
  14. Introduced motion M-187 to end the federal government’s discriminatory treatment of senior citizens in provision of Old Age Security Benefits and presented five petitions seeking justice on the issue. (Liberal cabinet ministers promised action without any intention of keeping their word.)
  15. Sought recognition and redress for the ‘Komagata Maru’ incident, a dark spot in Canadian history. As a result, two Prime Ministers apologised for the discriminatory policy.
  16. Sponsored and led the debate on Supply Motion 9, calling for an inquiry into the Air India bombing, which was debated and adopted in April 2005. Earlier, in 1999, tabled motion P-11 on the Air India bombing; it was transferred for debate in October 2000. As a result, the investigation of Air India bombing was finally done after more than a quarter century of the largest Canadian terrorism disaster.
  17. Successfully lobbied the Indian government for ‘dual citizenship’ for Indian diaspora and appeared as a witness before the High Level NRI Committee then chaired by Dr. L.M. Sighvi.
  18. Accompanied the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Official Opposition to the Golden Temple at Amritsar in 1998 (first visit by a leader of any political party of Canada) and with the Prime Ministers of Canada during the subsequent visits.
  19. Lobbied the Canadian and Indian governments for a Consulate Office in Chandigarh and played a significant role in getting the permission from the Indian government.
  20. Instrumental in improving facilities (and allowing facilities like drinking water, washrooms, queuing, fans etc) at the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi, then Canada’s largest immigration office in 1998.
  21. Began Vaisakhi celebrations in Parliament by the Official Opposition since 1998 accompanied with educational presentation to law-makers and diplomats.
  22. Defended the right of Christians to celebrate Christmas without govt’s restrictions.
  23. Participated in the debate in the House of Commons on the issue of the recognition of the 5Ks of Sikhs.
  24. Initiated negotiations between Vancouver airport taxi drivers and the Vancouver Airport Authority to address grievances and settle their dispute.
  25. Blew the whistle in 1999 on unfair Canada - US border crossing process due to the suggested per changes in Section 110 of the US Immigration Bill regarding passport/visa requirements by landed Canadian immigrants (not permanent US residents) and caught the government asleep at the wheel, including the then Canadian Ambassador to the USA.
  26. Pursued means to eliminate racism and promoted not only tolerance, but rather acceptance of immigrants and cultural practices.
  27. Lobbied the Indian and Pakistan governments to resolve the Kashmir dispute, met with leaders and officials of both governments to discuss the issue.
  28. Initiated and accompanied the Leader of the Official Opposition for a dialogue with Indian Leaders, while the Liberal government had broken diplomatic ties. Lobbied to restore the bilateral diplomatic relations and later ease the trade sanctions imposed on India.
  29. Got the erratic policy of voting against India (irrespective the issue) of nuclear tests by India in 1998 changed.
  30. Encouraged dialogue between India and Pakistan after their nuclear tests in 1998 and lobbied the Canadian government to restore diplomatic ties and end trade sanctions.
  31. Tabled the most disallowance reports on defective government regulations than any other Chairpersons of the Standing Joint Committee of the House and Senate on Scrutiny of Regulations in Canada
  32. Won parliamentary support for the regulatory reform legislation, Private Members Bill C-205; first introduced in October 1997, the bill was enacted into law in June 2003; closing the black hole in the accountability and scrutiny of the regulatory process by bringing all quasi-government agencies under the parliamentary preview. The only member of Canadian Alliance to receive Royal Ascent for a Private Member’s Bill.
  33. Proposed legislation for the Protection for Whistle Blowers in October 2000. The debate raised the profile of the issue and prompted the Liberal government to introduce its own, but weaker legislation. The Conservative government has since included whistle blower protection as an integral part of its Federal Accountability Act.
  34. Found and secured the removal and disposal of 265 truck loads of radioactive material stored “temporarily” by the federal government in the heart of Surrey for over 25-years.
  35. Exposed the practices of awarding CIDA contracts in conjunction with the donation to the Liberal party and the alienation of western business companies from the contracting process.
  36. Introduced M-376, debated in the House of Commons in March 2002, seeking additional protection for fire fighters. The Liberal government opposed the motion, but later stole the idea and reintroduced it as Bill C-32 and it passed.
  37. Introduced M-398, the motion asking Elections Canada to develop material to facilitate youth voting initiatives, the motion was debated and adopted in February 2004.
  38. Introduced Bill C-442, seeking to prohibit profiteering during emergencies, was debated in November 1998.
  39. Introduced M-479 in 1998 calling upon the government to provide further assistance and updated planning on disaster response emergency preparedness.
  40. Lobbied for the respect of human rights and restoration of the BC Human Rights Commission
  41. Raised Human Rights issue with Chinese government in 1998 and one of the first foreigners allowed to visit a labour camp in China (Tibet).
  42. Sought better emergency preparedness for the earthquake-prone province of British Columbia.
  43. Worked to eliminate duplication and unnecessary regulatory ‘red tape’ for small and medium-sized businesses.
  44. Promoted the use of DNA identification procedures and DNA databank by our law enforcement agencies.
  45. Lobbied for legislation to improve drug treatment facilities, control prostitution, and end child pornography
  46. Addressed the issues of deregulating pesticides and respecting the rights of farm workers
  47. Fought for lower personal taxes, a curtailing job-killing taxes, and debt reduction
  48. Sought criminal justice reforms and effective young offenders laws
  49. Raised alarm and sought answers to the youth violence, drugs, and murders that had escalated in the Lower Mainland of BC and then had claimed over 100 lives.
  50. Addressed bullying in our schools, its effects on the victims and strategies to counter it.
  51. Argued in Parliament for the implementation of a National ‘Head Start’ program for children in Canada.
  52. Pointed out that Liberal government cuts to provincial transfer payments not only resulted in the deterioration of health care services, but also had a devastating impact on higher education across Canada.
  53. Proposed reforms to the Senate, justice system, parliamentary system, Canada Pension Plan, regulatory mechanism, and the visitor visa process.
  54. Stood up for the forgotten “tainted blood” victims by taking their case to government in the House of Commons and through the media via press conferences with local victims in an effort to secure full compensation for all those who contracted Hep-C from the government-controlled blood supply.
  55. Questioned destructive federal Liberal policies that undermined BC’s fishing, mining, lumber, and tourism industries.
  56. Promoted trade diversification and adding value to our natural resources before export.
  57. Brought govt attention for the need of South Fraser Perimeter Road, an East-West connecting road along South of the Fraser River and later HWY 17 was constructed.
  58. Brought govt attention to the increasing traffic congestion in the lower mainland of BC and particularly at the Hwy 91 and 72 Ave exit.
  59. Voiced local concerns over federal government waste and duplication and restoring accountability and transparency in government.
  60. Advocated the use of preventive diplomacy to avoid international conflicts and an independent Canadian foreign policy.
  61. Emphasised the need to refocus Canadian defence policy on peacemaking rather than peacekeeping.
  62. Led the Official Opposition in the House of Commons in opposing the Liberals on the International Criminal Court Bill.
  63. Hosted regular town hall meetings and public forums to inform and receive feedback from constituents
  64. Raised the issues of western alienation and discrimination including on allocation of federal govt contracts, gas tax distribution and federal govt offices.
  65. Received a number of appreciation notes from the Leader, House Leader and other caucus colleagues acknowledging the efforts on behalf of the constituents and contributions to the promotion of the Official Opposition and furtherance of good government in Canada.
political contributions Record of issues raised
  1. Shares with the House of Commons a letter from Surrey public servant angry with Liberal “theft” (26 May 1999)
  2. Blames federal government for lack of emergency preparedness in wake of White Rock floods (14 June 1999)
  3. Supports keeping God in the Canadian constitution (14 June 1999)
  4. Calls government’s changes to the Public Service Pension Act a pension rip off (14 June 1999)
  5. Declares high taxes are killing jobs and limiting growth in the jewellery sector (16 June 1999)
  6. Contends the Liberals are mismanaging the effort to keep the Asian long-horned beetle out of Canada (17 June 1999)
  7. Brings together the Indian and Pakistani high commissioners in Canada to work on resolving tensions between their countries (30 June 1999)
  8. Calls for the notwithstanding clause to be used, “for the sake of our children,” to override a decision by the BC Court of Appeal that weakened protection from child pornography (2 July 1999)
  9. Calls for transparency in blood safety decision making, asking for accountability from Health Minister for quality and safety of our blood products (16 July 1999)
  10. Condemns rhetoric by politicians and calls for resources and action plan to clean up drugs, prostitution, and crime plaguing BC’s lower mainland (19 July 1999)
  11. Challenges the people of Surrey Central, as the constituency with the largest population, to collect the greatest number of signatures on tax relief petitions (27 July 1999)
  12. Blames Liberal government for hikes in gasoline prices (27 July 1999)
  13. Supports the immediate deportation of bogus refugees and other illegal entrants to Canada (27 July 1999)
  14. Expresses support for the summer work/student exchange program (28 July 1999)
  15. Calls the Federal Cabinet shuffle as a recycling of mismanagement from one department to another (4 August 1999)
  16. Exposes Liberal defence budget cuts as a crippling blow to the Canadian military, harming its ability to quickly respond to Turkey’s devastating earthquake. Losing this capability is a strong warning for earthquake prone BC (20 August 1999)
  17. Exposes Chrétien government’s dithering on important issues and questions federal emergency preparedness for British Columbia (25 August 1999)
  18. Applauds CN’s commitment to move radioactive waste from Thornton Yard, suggesting Liberals could learn from example of private sector example (9 September 1999)
  19. Slams Liberal government for not dispatching BC’s highly-trained Urban Search and Rescue Team to assist with Taiwan earthquake disaster (20 September 1999)
  20. Blows whistle on 14 federal departments that are not Y2K ready with only 99-days to year-end (23 September 1999)
  21. Introduces motion to label genetically engineered foods and as Deputy Health Critic admonishes Liberals for their "don’t worry, be happy attitude" (29 September 1999)
  22. Releases progress report on Surrey’s radioactive waste clean-up (5 October 1999)
  23. Illustrates that the Liberals’ thin legislative agenda carries over to Throne Speech; it offers a pittance for tax relief, no real health care reform, and no protection for children as victims of pornography (12 October 1999)
  24. Challenges Fisheries Minister Herb Dhaliwal to debate Nisga’a Treaty as a rebuttal to Dhaliwal’s offensive comments (22 October 1999)
  25. Announces the need for whistleblower protection for public servants (29 October 1999)
  26. Calls for tougher sentences for criminals (16 November 1999)
  27. Pursues the release of Air India papers as per Production of Papers Motion in the House (17 November 1999)
  28. Presents petitions supporting Old Age Security for all Canadians (18 November 1999)
  29. Rebukes Liberals for failure to implement strong initiatives to prevent smoking (24 November 1999)
  30. Announces radioactive waste removal from Surrey as local task force and Federal Minster thank Surrey Central MP (24 November 1999)
  31. Urges Liberals to get tough on organized crime and gangs such as Triads (30 November 1999)
  32. Assumes new role as Deputy Environment Critic in addition to Deputy Foreign Affairs portfolio & re-election as Co-Chair of the Scrutiny of Regulations Joint Committee (2 December 1999)
  33. Sets record by remaining in House for entire 43-hour Nisga’a Treaty filibuster. Media dubs Grewal “Iron Man” of Parliament (8-9 December 1999)
  34. Charges ‘Contempt of Parliament’ over Air India file; Government House Leader and Parliamentary Secretary offer to help (14 December 1999)
  35. Supports students duped by Millennium Scholarship mess and denounces Liberals for playing politics with students (14 January 2000)
  36. Hosts dinner for Official Opposition Leader Preston Manning with ethnic business community in the Greater Toronto area (14 January 2000)
  37. Meets with Surrey’s Muslim community and calls on religious leaders to strive for religious harmony between Muslims and Christians around the world (17 January 2000)
  38. Calls for a diplomatic solution to Russia-Chechnya conflict (17 January 2000)
  39. Expresses outrage on continuing Liberal government waste upon release of his party’s "Waste Report" (25 January 2000)
  40. Slams government over mismanagement of CSIS and RCMP; charges both Progressive Conservatives and Liberals as responsible for Air India bombing investigation mess (26 January 2000)
  41. In support of the new Canadian Alliance, states, “Instead of holding the flashlight for the Liberals, we will replace them !” (31 January 2000)
  42. Maintains shipbuilding industry used as Liberal ploy for job creation (8 February 2000)
  43. Calls for government to stop hiding behind courts on sensitive issues, leaving appointed and publicly unaccountable judges to legislate (11 February 2000)
  44. Welcomes President Clinton’s offer to act as third party mediatory to settle 52-year-old Kashmir dispute (18 February 2000)
  45. Accuses Liberal government of using public purse to calm fires of western alienation (21 February 2000)
  46. Opposition continues to hold the flashlight for Liberals as budget fails to put the brakes on ‘boondoggle’ spending and offers half-baked tax relief (28 February 2000)
  47. Says “It’s time for Liberals to go!” as Liberal voices protest in shame at dismal Chrétien record (20 March 2000)
  48. In response to the killings of 36 innocent villagers in Kashmir dispute, condemns Liberal government for hastily imposed sanctions on India and Pakistan rather then working towards containment and resolution (22 March 2000)
  49. Charges Liberal dominated Foreign Affairs and Environment committees with placing politics ahead of the protection of environment upon defeat of motions calling for the examination of Export Development Corporation loans (28 March 2000)
  50. Assumes responsibility as Chief Foreign Affairs Critic (Shadow Minister) of the Official Opposition of Canada (6 April 2000)
  51. Gives lecture at Harvard University’s Business School and leads seminars on electoral politics (8 April 2000)
  52. Slams Prime Minister over Middle East comments as contrary to his own government’s policies (11 April 2000)
  53. Hosts second annual Official Opposition Vaisakhi celebration (12 April 2000)
  54. Informs House that PM’s continuing gaffes in Middle East are getting more reckless and serious (13 April 2000)
  55. Calls for the government to condemn attacks in Zimbabwe (14 April 2000)
  56. Berates government’s silence on Zimbabwe as cowardly and showing lack of concern for human security of innocent farmers (April 2000)
  57. Calls on Prime Minister to encourage pledges for Ethiopian famine from nations that are in arrears on food aid (20 April 2000)
  58. Chastises Immigration Minister for not discouraging human smuggling while traveling to China’s Fujian province and for failing to toughen illegal migrant enforcement (April, 2000)
  59. Blasts Environment Minister for failure to protect Burns Bog, the lungs of BC’s Lower Mainland (5 May 2000)
  60. As Deputy Environment Critic, releases Official Opposition Report on Pesticides (May 2000)
  61. Sounds alarm over government ramming International Criminal Court Bill through committee and House before international community completes its work on the ICC (31 May 2000)
  62. Raises human rights concerns with Chinese officials in China and Tibet (1 June 2000)
  63. Urges Foreign Affairs Minister to condemn the ethnic violence and overthrow of Fiji’s democratically elected government (9 June 2000)
  64. Declares government’s International Criminal Court legislation “unfinished business” (14 June 2000)
  65. Addresses Sri Lankan community and calls on Prime Minister to halt state funded terrorism (16 June 2000)
  66. Asks Prime Minister to stop state-funded terrorism (16 June 2000)
  67. Calls Foreign Affairs Minister’s musings on missile defence disappointing (20 June 2000)
  68. Charges Liberal government will fail to act on human rights report (22 June 2000)
  69. Denounces former Liberal cabinet minister for his call to fight the U.S. on ICC (22 June 2000)
  70. Points to continuing gaffes by Prime Minister on international stage (23 June 2000)
  71. Congratulates Stockwell Day and announces full support for new Canadian Alliance leader (8 July 2000)
  72. Releases letter to Foreign Affairs Minister calling on him to push human rights concerns with Chinese (13 July 2000)
  73. Marks 15th anniversary of Air India tragedy (13 July 2000)
  74. Laments failure of the Middle East peace talks (26 July 2000)
  75. Supports Canada’s recognition of North Korea (28 July 2000)
  76. Predicts Canadians will pay for Prime Minister’s aid plan failure at the G8 meeting (28 July 2000)
  77. Claims Liberals turning a blind eye on corruption at Canadian foreign missions (12 September 2000)
  78. Criticizes Liberal cabinet ministers for attending fundraiser supporting Tamil Tigers (29 September 2000)
  79. Announces intention to unveil Whistleblower Protection Act (13 October 2000)
  80. Declares mini budget as too little, too late (19 October 2000)
  81. Congratulates Auditor General for acknowledging need for federal whistleblowing legislation (20 October 2000)
  82. States lack of surprise upon learning court struck down Liberal election gag law (24 October 2000)
  83. Expresses local anger over murder of Heather Thomas (24 October 2000)
  84. Declares federal policy should respect seniors’ contributions (30 October 2000)
  85. States little Heather Thomas left a big impact (1 November 2000)
  86. Blames Liberals for causing damage to health care system and demands an apology (3 November 2000)
  87. Appointed Official Opposition Multiculturalism Critic (5 January 2001)
  88. Denounces government’s failure to dispatch Vancouver’s search and rescue team to India (26 January 2001)
  89. Acknowledges influence in getting foreign credential issue into Throne Speech (30 January 2001)
  90. Tables legislation to protect whistleblowers and reform the regulatory system (1 February 2001)
  91. Commends constituent awarded the Governor General’s Award for Bravery for his tenacity and courage (2 February 2001)
  92. Claims the Liberals are interfering with emergency preparedness in BC (5 February 2001)
  93. Advises government to stop fanning the flames of western alienation (7 February 2001)
  94. Challenges Liberals to appoint an independent ethics counsellor (9 February 2001)
  95. Blames Liberal mismanagement for 70 percent hike in natural gas prices (13 February 2001)
  96. Accuses Liberals for allowing partisanship to influence list of most outstanding Canadians of African descent (27 February 2001)
  97. Repeats call for the elimination of the Liberal government’s “head tax” on immigrants (2 March 2001)
  98. Declares national sex offender registry not a partisan issue (14 March 2001)
  99. Calls upon government to remove taxes on taxes at the gas pumps (19 March 2001)
  100. Demands Multiculturalism Minister Hedy Fry resign following outrageous accusations (22 March 2001)
  101. Laments Liberal refusal to support his foreign credentials motion in the House of Commons (28 March 2001)
  102. Blames wasteful spending by Liberals for small federal surplus (18 May 2001)
  103. Questions Multiculturalism Minister Hedy Fry during her appearance before the Heritage Committee (29 May 2001)
  104. Announces proposals to modernize and improve the procedures of the House of Commons (1 June 2001)
  105. Scolds Liberals for undermining transportation infrastructure in BC and across Canada (5 June 2001)
  106. Tables fire fighters protection motion (7 June 2001)
  107. Denounces Liberal cuts to health transfers that have resulted in deterioration of services at Surrey Memorial Hospital (11 June 2001)
  108. Named to shadow cabinet with responsibility for scrutiny of regulations (18 June 2001)
  109. Questions sincerity of Hedy Fry’s outrage over Moncton, NB, cross burning incident (19 June 2001)
  110. Following meeting of MPs from both sides expresses hope that parties on the right can work together (20 June 2001)
  111. Accuses Liberals of misleading members of BC’s Old Age Security Forum (26 June 2001)
  112. Calls for immediate and effective solution to the problem of prostitution and drugs in Surrey (27 June 2001)
  113. Denies false allegation by Sun reporter Peter O’Neil that he is a party dissident (10 July 2001)
  114. Undertaking consultations to recognize Surrey volunteers (11 July 2001)
  115. Works to identify common ground and bridge gap on political right (26 July 2001)
  116. Claims Liberal stonewalling on child pornography measures protects criminals, not children (7 August 2001)
  117. Argues federal government should share gas tax revenue to support Translink (10 August 2001)
  118. Co-chairs joint Canadian Alliance-Progressive Conservative policy roundtable on regulatory reform (30 August 2001)
  119. Appointed Foreign Affairs Critic for Asia Pacific by the Official Opposition leader (31 August 2001)
  120. Welcomes Chandigarh Consulate announcement but expresses irritation over Liberal foot-dragging (11 September 2001)
  121. Expresses deepest sympathy to families of victims of 9/11 terrorism attacks (13 September 2001)
  122. Presents Prime Minister’s Award of Excellence to two Surrey teachers (14 September 2001)
  123. Extends condolences on the tragic death of the High Commissioner for Pakistan (24 September 2001)
  124. Asks why Prime Minister waited 18 days before visiting ground zero in New York (2 October 2001)
  125. Demands action from Liberals on host of national issues (3 October 2001)
  126. Exposes weaknesses in Bill C-35, the Foreign Missions and International Organizations Act (5 October 2001)
  127. Calls for synergy in combating organized crime and terrorism (24 October 2001)
  128. Elected co-chair of the Scrutiny of Regulations Committee (25 October 2001)
  129. Alleges Justice Minister guilty of contempt for the House of Commons (30 October 2001)
  130. Warns of potential terrorism attack on US nuclear subs at Nanoose Bay (30 October 2001)
  131. Expresses regret that Defence Minister allows politics to interfere with legitimate safety concerns (2 November 2001)
  132. Receives support from top whistleblowing advocates from Canada and US for private members’ bill (20 November 2001)
  133. Successfully pushes House Speaker to condemn Justice Minister Anne McLellan for misleading Parliament on Firearms Act (21 November 2001)
  134. Speaks out on government waste and mismanagement in wake of Auditor General report (4 December 2001)
  135. Draws attention to the hidden taxes imposed on small businesses by the federal government’s red tape (10 December 2001)
  136. Claims government wrong to put onus on families rather than broadcasters to stop sex and violence on television (10 December 2001)
  137. Calls for concerted international effort to deal with terrorism and organized crime (13 December 2001)
  138. Charges Canada lags behind other nations on preventable diplomacy (10 January 2002)
  139. Receives praise for successful effort to promote dual citizenship for Non-Resident Indians (10 January 2002)
  140. Questions prime minister’s judgement as scandal plagued cabinet ministers shuffled (16 January 2002)
  141. Expresses continued confidence in Canadian Alliance Party in wake of Joe Peschisolido’s defection to the Liberals (28 January 2002)
  142. Bemoans government’s lack of action on promised national sex offender registry (31 January 2002)
  143. Answers question during Question Period as colleagues call him new “Minister of Regulations” (6 February 2002)
  144. Announces that fisheries regulations inching closer to disallowance (7 February 2002)
  145. Alleges accusations made by Senator Warren Kinsella border on libel (11 February 2002)
  146. Reveals government’s innovation strategy falls short on regulatory reform (13 February 2002)
  147. Moves to “protect the protectors” by initiating debate on Motion 376 offering new protections for firefighters (14 March 2002)
  148. Hosts forum to address community concerns about Newton’s homeless shelter (3 April 2002)
  149. Slams Liberals for punishing whistleblowers (11 April 2002)
  150. Visits India to help strengthen bilateral cooperation (17 April 2002)
  151. Warns Canada’s influence in Indian sub-continent diminishing (29 May 2002)
  152. Tables report on unlawful regulations relating to aboriginal fishing licences (3 June 2002)
  153. Blasts provincial Liberals for sudden disbanding of BC’s Human Rights Commission (4June 2002)
  154. Debate begins on Grewal’s regulations oversight bill (12 June 2002)
  155. Warns New Delhi bomb threat must be wake up call for Canada (11 July 2002)
  156. Commends Heritage Canada for designating Gurdwara Sabib in Abbotsford a Canadian heritage site (31July 2002)
  157. Points to Liberal’s hypocrisy on human rights in China (13 September 2002)
  158. Addresses industrial concerns related to the Nuclear Safety and Control Act (10 October 2002)
  159. Charges government failing to fight out-of-control car theft (1 November 2002)
  160. Accuses government of turning its back on disabled Canadians (19 November 2002)
  161. Re-elected to a fourth term as co-chair of Scrutiny of Regulations Committee (21 November 2002)
  162. Blames Liberals of failing to protect the people of Surrey from criminals (27 November 2002)
  163. Voices concerns for health care as Romanov Report released (29 November 2002)
  164. Questions government’s failure to address gang violence in BC’s Lower Mainland (3 December 2002)
  165. Announces local recipients of Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medals (4 December 2002)
  166. Warns government to fix insecure passport system (5 December 2002)
  167. Hammers Liberals for inadequate response to Lower Mainland gang violence (9 December 2002)
  168. Asks government for formal apology for Komagata Maru tragedy (11 December 2002)
  169. Calls upon Canadians to shelve political correctness and celebrate Christmas (12 December 2002)
  170. Derides Liberals for failing to protect our children from pedophiles (17 January 2003)
  171. Urges government to assist condemned Indian professor (31 January 2003)
  172. Reveals how Liberal government fails whistleblowers (5 February 2003)
  173. Criticizes Liberals for inadequate response to American pressure tactics in softwood lumber dispute (5 February 2003)
  174. Decries long wait for justice in Air India bombing (5 February 2003)
  175. Declares Liberals ripping off British Columbians by hoarding gas tax revenue (13 February 2003)
  176. Blasts Liberals for flawed sex offender registry (13 February 2003)
  177. Criticizes federal Liberal government for treating surplus as slush fund (18 February 2003)
  178. Accuses Liberals of overlooking multicultural reality of Canada (20 February 2003)
  179. Demands federal government give provinces fair share of gas tax revenue (28 February 2003)
  180. Accuses Liberals of misleading Parliament and failing to deliver on immigrations promises (6 March 2003)
  181. Criticizes government’s failure to respond to Lower Mainland marijuana grow-ops (19 March 2003)
  182. Declares Liberals finally see light and offer protection to firefighters (1 May 2003)
  183. Asks why Canadians should pay for Liberal government incompetence, mismanagement, waste and fraud (2 May 2003)
  184. Elected vice-chair of the Canadian branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (15 May 2003)
  185. Calls Liberal marijuana bill misguided and bad for society (27 May 2003)
  186. House of Commons unanimously approves Grewal’s Bill C-205 (4 June 2003)
  187. Demands Immigration Department clean up visitor visa system (6 June 2003)
  188. Asks Parliament, not courts, decide on definition of marriage (13 June 2003)
  189. Demands Liberals respect the dignity of Sikhs (13 June 2003)
  190. Historic regulations bill one-step closer to becoming law (13 June 2003)
  191. Fears help for Liberian crisis comes too little too late (9 July 2003)
  192. Expresses disgust with Paul Martin’s hypocritical empty promise to end western alienation (11 July 2003)
  193. Becomes first Canadian Alliance MP to have bill passed into law (20 July 2003)
  194. Calls for inquiry into gasoline pricing (21 August 2003)
  195. Holds town hall meeting to discuss family values (27 August 2003)
  196. Reacts bitterly to reports Immigration Department is moving local jobs to Quebec (5 September 2003)
  197. Declares marriage flip-flop shows Liberals cannot be trusted (17 September 2003)
  198. Expresses satisfaction that RCMP report vindicates whistleblower Corporal Robert Read (18 September 2003)
  199. Calls upon Immigration Minister to fix problems plaguing immigration system (19 September 2003)
  200. Warns Martin raising false hopes with gas tax promise (25 September 2003)
  201. Re-elected to fifth term as co-chair of Scrutiny of Regulations Committee (2 October 2003)
  202. Expresses satisfaction government heeds advice and fixes sex offender registry (30 October 2003)
  203. Questions government policies that allow Canadian share of Asian markets to plummet (31 October 2003)
  204. Record shows Martin and Chrétien one and the same thing (5 November 2003)
  205. Denounces Liberals for illegally disguising taxes as user fees (7 November 2003)
  206. Blasts Liberals for neglecting to send congratulatory message to new Malaysian prime minister (12 November 2003)
  207. Declares Liberal solution to PR card crisis discriminates against majority of permanent residents (17 December 2003)
  208. Expresses little surprise at Liberal reversal on discriminatory PR card policy (19 December 2003)
  209. Calls Paul Martin’s response to RCMP investigation of Liberal organizers inadequate (7 January 2004)
  210. Hails India-Pakistan peace talks (7 January 2004)
  211. Slams Liberals for shutting out local tainted blood victims from compensation package (27 January 2004)
  212. Announces support for Stephen Harper for the leadership of the Conservative Party (29 January 2004)
  213. Claims Liberal inaction on foreign credentials fails Canadians (4 February 2004)
  214. Tells Canadians that Stephen Harper is ready to be Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister (11 February 2004)
  215. Declares whistleblowing legislation could have saved billions of dollars lost due to Liberal mismanagement and corruption (12 February 2004)
  216. Conveys support for Stephen Harper as leadership hopeful reaches out to all Canadians (27 February 2004)
  217. Demands Liberals reverse cruel decision to withhold compensation to people who contracted hep C after receiving tainted blood (12 March 2004)
  218. Explains federal budget is further evidence that Liberals are inept at managing taxpayers’ money (March 2004)
  219. Calls upon government to respond to escalating gasoline prices (26 March 2004)
  220. Expresses dismay over closure of the Vancouver office of the Office of the Ombudsman (8 April 2004)
  221. Claims Burnaby-Douglas nomination fiasco is another example of the Martin Liberals trampling on democracy (22 April 2004)
  222. Points to federal Liberal chronic under-funding as cause of strike by BC hospital workers (28 April 2004)
  223. Demands Martin Liberals give BC motorists a break and stop charging taxes on taxes on gasoline (14 May 2004)
  224. Challenges prime minister to stop with empty promises and act on gas taxes (31 May 2004)
  225. Promises a Conservative government will correct Liberal injustice and compensate all tainted blood victims (14 June 2004)
  226. Pledges to bring vision and new ideas to House of Commons as government rehashes old promises in Throne Speech (6 October 2004)
  227. Expresses thanks as members select him as co-chair of Scrutiny of Regulations Committee (21 October 2004)
  228. Welcomes news that the City of Surrey is hiring more police officers (26 October 2004)
  229. Demands immediate compensation for hepatitis C victims (29 October 2004)
  230. Seeks to amend the Immigration and Refugee Act to help fix visitor visa mess (15 November 2004)
  231. Introduces effective whistleblowing legislation as alternative to weak government bill (18 November 2004)
  232. Announces selection as chair of the Canada-India Interparliamentary Friendship Group and pledges to improve Canada-India relations (19 November 2004)
  233. Outlines ways in which Prime Minister Martin is failing to address western alienation (24 November 2004)
  234. Seeks judicial inquiry into the Fraser River salmon fishery (29 November 2004)
  235. Demands Immigration Minister Judy Sgro resign for fast-tracking applications of strippers and campaign workers (13 December 2004)
  236. Declares federal Liberals playing scrooge when it comes to western needs (13 December 2004)
  237. Dismisses wild salmon policy as too little too late for Fraser River sockeye salmon (17 December 2004)
  238. Applauds generosity of Canadians as donations to victims of South Asian tsunami grow (31 January 2005)
  239. Launches debate on visitor visa reform (2 February 2005)
  240. Expresses satisfaction as Liberal budget moves on Conservative priorities (23 February 2005)
  241. Announces vote scheduled for visitor visa reform bill (24 February 2005)
  242. Celebrates successful passage of his visitor visa bill at Second Reading (9 March 2005
  243. Marks passing of Giani Sant Singh Maskeen calling death a great loss to Sikh community (11 March 2005)
  244. Points out Liberal empty promises on foreign credentials (11 March 2005)
  245. Reacting to verdict in Air India trial demands a public inquiry into the bombing tragedy (17 March 2005)
  246. Presents petition supporting freedom of Sikhs to wear turbans (23 March 2005)
  247. Calls on government to drop tax-on-tax on gasoline as Competition Bureau finds no evidence of gas price collusion (1 April 2005)
  248. Charges Immigration Minister Volpe with making false allegations (6 April 2005)
  249. Demands public inquiry into the Air India bombing (7 April 2005)
  250. Hails Commons vote demanding Air India probe as a victory for victims’ families (12 April 2005)
  251. Declares gas tax announcement a clear attempt to change the channel on Liberal corruption (15 April 2005)
  252. Accuses MP Ruby Dhalla of mudslinging and failing to get her facts straight (2 May 2005)
  253. Issues statement following Ethic Commission report clearing him of inappropriate behaviour (22 June 2005)
  254. Warns BC ill-prepared for natural disaster as Martin Liberals lack coordinated approach to emergency preparedness (14 September 2005)
  255. Denounces Minister Volpe for his living high on hog as taxpayers’ expense (22 September 2005)
  256. Charges Liberal government settling for phony-ops as murders escalate in Lower Mainland (27 September 2005)
  257. States Liberal disaster assistance is disastrous as response to devastating earthquake in Pakistan is slow and inadequate (11 October 2005)
  258. Declares Liberals must be held accountable for sponsorship theft (1 November 2005)
  259. Claims Liberal heat rebate program is more about politics than helping needy (13 October 2005)
  260. Calls on government to support North Delta Memorial Wall (25 October 2005)
  261. Calls for federal plan to tackle crystal meth abuse (3 October 2005)
  262. Calls Liberal response to gang-violence slow and inadequate (9 May 2005)
  263. Demands immediate compensation and apology for forgotten victims of tainted blood scandal (7 October 2005)